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It is extremely difficult to overstate the excitement that alcohol Jack Daniel’s evokes. This beverage is not just a sales leader in the world of whiskey but also a true icon. In 2020, 13.4 million square bottles were released onto shelves worldwide. Over 300 thousand tourists visit the Lynchburg area every year, despite all the difficulties, to experience the splendor of the famous distillery firsthand.

Thanks to the unique production technologies, Jack Daniel’s proudly carries its own classification — Tennessee Sour Mash, or "Tennessee whiskey from sour mash." But equally captivating is the history of this brand.

Reviews of Jack Daniel’s are diverse, reflecting the broad popularity of this whiskey among various consumer groups. Many appreciate its deep and rich taste, which combines with softness and character, making each sip unique. One of the most frequently mentioned qualities of Jack Daniel’s is its distinctive aroma, described by many as rich and pleasant.

World-renowned celebrities who were also fans of Jack Daniel’s include Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Frank Lloyd Wright, Kings Of Leon, and Justin Timberlake.

The History of Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel was born in 1850 and was the tenth child in his family. Shortly after his birth, his mother passed away, and Jack's father remarried. According to a widely spread legend, Jack did not accept his stepmother, and when his father died during the Civil War, he ran away from home.

In 1864, a local Lutheran priest and distiller named Dan Call took the runaway teenager under his wing. He introduced young Jack to the world of whiskey making and taught him the art of whiskey production. Nathan Green, a former slave, played a crucial role as he was appointed the head distiller at Call's distillery. Many believe that it was Nathan who created the recipe for the famous whiskey. Jack always treated Nathan with respect, considering him his mentor. Even after the abolition of slavery, Nathan continued to work as the head distiller at Call's and later at the factory. Today, Green's descendants continue to uphold centuries-old traditions in whiskey production. Since 2017, Debbie, Nathan Green's great-granddaughter, has established her own whiskey brand, Uncle Nearest.

1875 was the year of the foundation of the famous brand. Jack, inheriting his father's fortune, decided to establish his own distillery in partnership with Dan Call. However, by 1884, Call left the factory due to religious convictions, and Jack Daniel became the sole owner of the company. It was at that time that he acquired the piece of land where the production of Jack Daniel’s continues to this day.

Even in those distant times, Jack understood the importance of building a personal brand for the successful sale of whiskey products. At a time when whiskey was poured into clay jugs, Jack stood out among competitors by applying stencil lettering with the name of the distillery for the first time. By the late 1870s, with the advent of glass containers, Jack Daniel’s used standard round bottles. In 1895, a representative from the Illinois Alton Glass Company suggested that Jack switch to a square shape. This not only distinguished the product from competitors but also had practical value: the bottle didn't roll during transportation, broke less frequently, and took up less space.

The popularity of Jack Daniel’s was rapidly growing across the entire United States. In 1904, Jack Daniel's was awarded a gold medal at the World's Fair in St. Louis. However, in the state of Tennessee, the temperance movement gained strength.

In 1907, due to health reasons, Jack Daniel stepped away from business. With no children of his own, he handed over the distillery to his nephews. Lem Motlow soon bought out all the company's shares from the brothers and led it through challenging production times.

In 1910, a law was passed prohibiting distillation across the entire state. In 1911, Jack Daniel himself passed away. Motlow moved production to other states, but not a single bottle was sold because in 1920, the nationwide Prohibition came into effect.

In 1933, Prohibition was repealed at the federal level, but it continued to persist in the state of Tennessee, preventing the distillery from resuming production.

Motlow entered into politics and became a senator for the state of Tennessee. In his capacity as a senator, he lobbied for the repeal of these laws. It was only in 1938 that the production of Jack Daniel's whiskey resumed.

Paradoxically, to this day, in Lynchburg County, there is still a prohibition on the sale of strong alcohol. Therefore, after visiting the distillery, guests are treated to lemonade.

Jack Daniel's distillery had to halt production from 1942 to 1946 due to World War II. However, production resumed in 1947 and has not stopped since.

After Lem Motlow's passing, his children - Robert, Reagan, Dan, Conner, and Mary - inherited the company, registering it as "Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow, Prop., Inc." Since 1956, the company has been owned by the Brown–Forman Corporation, solidifying Jack Daniel as a leading figure.

Production Technology

As 80% of Jack Daniel's whiskey is made from corn, it rightfully qualifies as bourbon (whiskey with more than 51% corn content). However, thanks to a unique distillation process, all whiskey produced in Tennessee is recognized as a separate type - Tennessee Sour Mash. The secret lies in filtering the drink through Canadian sugar maple charcoal.

One of the key elements influencing the unique taste of Jack Daniel's is water. The water used in crafting this drink comes from a source located on the distillery grounds in Lynchburg. This water naturally filters through limestone rocks, removing iron from its composition. The entire Jack Daniel's product line has its distinctive smooth taste precisely because it lacks iron in its composition.

Jack Daniel’s continues to surprise enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs with its new releases, featuring unique flavors and innovative production approaches. Modern trends in the global whiskey industry manifest in innovative packaging formats, original flavor compositions, and unique methods for crafting each bottle. The unwavering commitment to traditions, combined with bold experiments, makes Jack Daniel’s new products an ideal choice for both seasoned whiskey aficionados and those embarking on their journey into the world of this noble beverage.

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